Sarah Bowen Shea is the co-founder of the popular website, Another Mother Runner. Along with Dimity McDowell, they have built an incredible online community that, in addition to a website, includes a podcast, active private Facebook group, three published books, daily blog posts, retreats, training groups, and more.

The mission of Another Mother Runner is to, “entertain and encourage mothers of all levels to fit running into their crowded lives because we know for certain the rewards are oh-so-worth it.

Sarah lives in Portland, and not long ago, we were connected via a mutual friend through another website I’m involved with. We met at Migration Brewing and discussed all things running, mothering (I guess fathering in my case), and the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon among other things. The Train Like a Mother training group has picked the Twin Cities Marathon (in Minneapolis, MN, where I’m from) as one of their target races for 2017 because, in the words of Sarah, “it ROCKS!”

Watch the full interview or read highlights from our chat below!

On How Sarah Became a Runner

Sarah initially started running as a way to get in shape for crew at Colgate University in New York (with now-business partner Dimity!) She admits that she wasn’t an athlete before college and primarily ran as a form of cross-training for rowing. Eventually, Sarah says, “I realized I was a runner first and a rower second.” Since then, Sarah has run 13 marathons and is headed to the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 1st!

On Why Another Mother Runner Chose TCM as their Team Training Race

I should add that the Twin Cities Marathon, which starts in Minneapolis, MN, and ends in St. Paul, MN, is by far my favorite race. I’ve run it four times and even flew back to run it after we moved to Portland. If you want to experience a beautiful Marathon that isn’t run like this one, I HIGHLY recommend it.

“It will be marathon #14 and the only marathon I will have repeated other than Boston,” says Sarah, which is to say that the Twin Cities Marathon is truly something special. She goes on to say, “[the course] is SO beautiful. It really is the most beautiful urban marathon in the country, plus there is great crowd support.

On What it Takes to be a Successful Lifelong Runner

Sarah says to be a lifelong runner, “you need to find enjoyment in running.” Finding what makes you happy and recognizing that something makes you happy are essential for successful lifelong habits. Remember, you GET to run, you don’t HAVE to run! Sarah also notes that if you have to force yourself to run, find something else to do that you enjoy!

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