People really like to support someone who is doing something they love.

~Collin McFadyen, Byways Café

Since 1999, Collin McFadyen has been the co-owner and executive chef at one of Portland’s best brunch spots. Byways Café is a timelessly classic destination for both locals and tourists alike. According to their website, they serve:

…authentic, yet creative home style meals to people from all over the world! Located in the heart of the Pearl District… we’ve watched the neighborhood grow and change around us, but we’ve stayed true to our vision; nothing too ritzy here, just solid American classics with our personal touch.

I first met Collin at a Portland Running Company group run shortly after moving to Portland. Collin and I are both on the PRC race team, and Byways is a popular post long run destination. Byways is amazing. Just see for yourself!

I recently sat down with Collin at the Hopworks Bike Bar in North Portland. She is native to Portland, and an interesting story teller. I wanted to pick her brain about Byways, running, and more.

During our chat, we covered a lot of ground, including:

  • How Collin came to own Byways Café.
  • How Collin went to comedy school and is now doing stand up comedy all over town (and how she got paid to do a set at a dogs birthday party).
  • Our mutual love of the Chicago Cubs, and what it was like when the won the World Series in 2016.
  • How Collin lost 100 pounds through running and making healthier life choices.
  • Our mutual love of running in Portland and running as part of a team.
  • How running is, “The one place where it’s completely appropriate to barf, faint, or poop yourself!
  • Why everyone should reset their running PR’s every eight years or so.
  • The similarities between running and comedy!

And much more!

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More Interviews

We’ve now done interviews with runners, brewery owners/brewers, and other Portland people doing fun stuff! In the not too distant future, we’re going to turn these into a podcast, so you can listen to them on a run, at the gym, doing the dishes or whenever is most convenient for you! Stay tuned for more details on the Oregon Brewery Running Series Podcast!