“Life is too short not to drink deeply!”

~ Lisa Morrison, owner Belmont Station

Lisa Morrison has been a craft beer fan for years and has been writing about this passion for over 20 years in various publications, even having her own column and radio show (“Beer O’Clock!”) for many years. She’s also known as the “Beer Goddess,” a fitting title for the woman who has written the book on Craft Beer in the Pacific Northwest. In 2013, she became the majority owner in one of Portland’s premiere bottle shops, Belmont Station (4550, NE Stark St).

Lisa Morrison from Belmont Station

Since we hosted a “running 101” show with a running coach, Greg Mitchell, I thought it fitting to do a “beer 101” show with a certified beer educator. Lisa hosts all sorts of classes, helping people become more knowledgeable about craft beer. While most people don’t want to become a full on beer nerd, knowing more about what beers we like helps us choose better beer when we go out. There’s nothing worse than being confronted with a massive tap list, and having no idea what to pick.

What is Belmont Station

Opened in 1997, Belmont Station is one of Portland’s premier beer destination. The bottle shop averages around 1,300 bottles and cans (at the time of this writing, they have 1,456, but that changes twice a week). They also have 24 taps, an onsite food card, and a back patio where they host all sorts of event.

Beyond the beer, Lisa describes Belmont Station as a,

…place that is welcoming, inclusive and educational. If people come in with questions, we want them to feel comfortable asking them. We want this to be peoples Local.

Belmont Station is unique in that it has a strong local following, and is also a destination for beer loving tourists from across the globe.

Seven Questions all Beer Lovers Should Know the Answers To

Since the focus of this show was on beer education, we came up with seven questions all beer lovers should be aware of. They are pretty simple but watch the full episode; I bet you’ll learn something new!

Questions covered were:

  1. What is beer? Sure, it’s made from 90% water, barley, hops, and yeast, but Lisa also shares a more philosophical definition.
  2. What gives beer its color? Here we discuss how not all dark beers are strong, and light beer isn’t necessarily low-calorie. The color is just one of a few things you can use in evaluation.
  3. We discuss general rules of thumb for pairing food and beer, and I try to get here to give me specifics for common meals.
  4. Lisa shares that while there isn’t a “wrong” or a “right” way to taste beer, there are some tricks you can use to get more out of your drinking experience – if you’re into that.
  5. I didn’t know this, but all beer can essentially be classified as either an ale or a lager!
  6. Lisa demonstrates the proper way to pour a beer.
  7. Finally, we talk about glassware and how it impacts the beer tasting experience. Also the pros and cons of chilled glasses.

Lisa says she doesn’t have a favorite beer, but is currently really enjoying the Fort George 3-Way IPA. “It’s the summer beer, and nobody can get enough of it!

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