Strength training for runners is one of those things that seems easy, but most of us ignore. Running takes a toll on the body, and runners are notorious for not taking care of the inevitable aches and pains that come from training. Too often, we push ourselves too far or ignore lingering pain until it’s too late. This pain sometimes results in physical therapy, or even worse – being forced to stop running altogether, something runners HATE!

I know this cycle all too well. About three years ago, I was battling some of those injuries, while preparing to train for a marathon. I wanted to find somebody to help me “fix” those pains. But more than that, I tried to figure out how to eliminate them forever. This quest led me to massage therapist, injury prevention specialist and strength coach, Amy Brown at Athena Rehab. She has worked with a plethora of athletes from novices like myself, to elite runners and other endurance athletes across the board. Olympians like Kara Goucher, Shalane Flannigan, and Evan Jager, to name a few. She’s a master when it comes to helping athletes of all levels, perform at their best.

On this episode of the Oregon Brewery Running Series Podcast, we’re talking about injury prevention and strength training. Amy and I talk about how she helps runners prevent injury, and also shares four simple exercises ALL of us can, and SHOULD, be doing at home to stay injury free and running stronger. Today’s show is very practical, and no matter if you’re a hardcore runner, training for a big race or someone who just runs our 5K fun runs for beer, there’s valuable information here for everyone, so give it a listen!

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The key to doing anything significant is consistency. If you want to become a stronger runner, you need to do these things on a regular basis. I always try to stick to the 51% rule, which means doing something more than I’m not.

HUGE thanks to Amy Brown (and PRC for recommending her), for letting me pick her brain. Be sure to visit her if you’ve got an injury you want a professional opinion about, or just to work on getting stronger for your next run.

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