There is no shortage of lists revealing unusual gifts for runners. Everyone, from bloggers to running specialty stores have published their holiday gift guides by now. But to our knowledge, there aren’t any lists specifically focused on the runner who also loves craft beer. Our guide is a bit more specific to that niche, and we tried to include items that can be used both out on your next run or while enjoying your next craft brew with friends.

The list contains very practical stuff you might actually use…well sort of. Below are five fantastic last minute gifts for runners who also enjoy beer. They’re all found on Amazon.com, and if you have a prime membership, and order today, they should arrive in time for Christmas!

Oregon Brewery Running Series Gift Cards

For just $25 or $50, gift your best running or drinking pal one or two entries to any of our 2018 events for $5 off the regular price. We will provide a unique code to your recipient so they can register online (please allow 24 hours for activation). We’ll even send it to them at the date you decide!


Alternatively, you can send them the promo code, CHRISTMASRUNBEER in a lovely card and they’ll save $5 on any of our 2018 events.

2018 Brewery Running Series Calendar

Beer Socks

Socks are a runner’s best friend. They prevent blisters, wick sweat, and help you run faster. Probably. Take a look at some of these beer-themed socks, and find one for that particular beer/runner connoisseur on your list. These aren’t all running-specific socks, but we say that if you’re wearing socks, and you’re running, then you’re wearing running socks!

Insulated Beer / Water Bottle Belt

Have you ever been to a backyard BBQ, and needed a place to set down your drink? Well, wish no longer! This belt not only has six insulated spots for a can or bottle of your favorite craft beer but also sports a hidden money holder and side pocket for, um, something else. When you’re out for a run, convert these beer bottle holders to water bottle holders! Keeps it cool, so you don’t have too!

A Beer Belly

Are you sick and tired of all your non-running friends making fun of your lack of a beer belly? Do your six-pack runner abs distract from an otherwise healthy conversation? Well, worry no more friend! Just strap on this dad bag beer belly and join the conversation. Not only will it help you fit in with a more traditional beer crowd, but take it off and join your local running club for an easy five miler (or leave it on and carry snacks).

Books about Running

Local Oregon author, runner, friend and fellow beer lover, Mark Remy, has written several books about running. From a Training Journal, to the definitive guide on the Runners of North American, or his recently released Dumb Runner Reader, he offers practical advice about running without any of the “bullshit” (his words, not ours, we would never use such profanity). Perfect for a beer runner who needs to know the basics of running. Just run!

Other Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little less focused on beer or running, try these:

Happy Holidays!