Welcome to another installment of the Oregon Brewery Running Series PodcastInspiring Oregonians to Get Active, Have Fun, and Give Back. We host family-friendly, 5K fun runs that start and end at some of Oregon’s best breweries.


Today on the podcast, we’re getting to know John Harris, owner, and Brewmaster at Ecliptic Brewing. John is an icon in the world of craft beer, and while he might not use that word himself, the beer he is known for certainly fits that definition. After spending nearly 30 years working for some of Oregon’s most iconic breweries, in 2012, he took a leap and started a brewery of his own.

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In today’s episode, we talk with John about the very first beer he ever brewed, (an English Ale), and walk through his brewing journey from McMenamins, to Deschutes, to Full Sail, and now, starting his very own brewery, Ecliptic. He’ll also share a bit about what makes Ecliptic Brewing innovative, tasty, and oriented around community, so keep listening!

We’ll be running at Ecliptic Brewing on May 12, 2018. Join us in North Portland for a 5K fun run that ends with great Ecliptic beer and food. Use promo code Ecliptic5 to save $5 when you register. Or, save 75% on this run by listening to the podcast and finding the embedded promo code!

About Ecliptic Brewing

Ecliptic Brewing opened in 2013, by John Harris, an “Oregon craft brewing icon. John’s background is one steeped in Oregon’s rich craft brewing history.” John is responsible for creating the recipes from such iconic beers as “Mirror Pond, Black Butte Porter, Jubelale and Obsidian Stout.

Ecliptic brings together two of John’s passions: brewing and astronomy. The name means,

The ecliptic is earth’s yearly path around the sun. The centerpiece of their pub is a massive light fixture in the shape of the Analemma, which represents our path through the seasons. John and the entire team at Ecliptic celebrates this journey with beer and food menus that constantly change and rotate.

According to their website, “Our philosophy is to push the limits of creativity in the brewhouse and create a sense of place in both the restaurant and the beer we build. We are set up to welcome both the family out for a meal, as well as the couple who wants to be kid-free.

About Us

The Oregon Brewery Running Series is about inspiring Oregonians to Get Active, Have Fun, and Give Back. We host family-friendly, 5K fun runs that start and end at some of Oregon’s best breweries. Register for our next run here! If you’d like to join us at one of our upcoming runs, register with promo code Ecliptic5, and you’ll save $5 off your entry. Our theme music, The Oregon Song, is written and performed by James Hoffman.