Welcome to another installment of the Oregon Brewery Running Series Podcast; Inspiring Oregonians to Be Active, Have Fun, and Give Back. We host family-friendly, 5K fun runs that start and end at some of Oregon’s best breweries.


As you know, our 5K events are temporarily on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you and your loved ones are staying physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Instead of in-person events, we’ve been hosting virtual running/walking distances challenges. Part of that involves a fun Saturday happy hour Zoom call.

This past weekend, we interviewed Dan Malech from StormBreaker Brewing. He talked with our crew about how the brewery is doing right now, what they’ve been able to do for their staff, some drinking games (one involving movies and another you can play while you run), and more!

Please enjoy this podcast with Dan Malech from StormBreaker Brewing. When you’re done, share it with all of your friends and then buy some great StormBreaker beer.

About StormBreaker Brewing

StormBreaker opened in 2014 when they took over for “another” brewery at that same location. Rob Lutz was working there, and when the opportunity arose for him to take over that other space, he called Dan Malech, and the rest is history.

Since then, SB has won a ton of awards, created an amazing culture and following, and been a tremendous partner of ours. Dan is a runner himself, so he understands better than most the need to be active and then enjoy great beer. Our first run with StormBreaker in 2017 involved their special release “PEB” – Performance, Enhancing, Beer.

On their website, Dan and Rob say this;

StormBreaker, besides being the name of our brewery, is a little known nickname for Mt. Hood, the majestic 11,000 foot volcano that casts its shadow on Portland every sunrise. We brew our beer like Mt. Hood breaks storms coming off the Pacific Ocean, head on with intensity. Whether you are looking for big hoppy IPA like Cloud Ripper, a fruity lighter option like When I Froot…, a pale ale that is Right as Rain, or pretty much any style, we’ve got you covered. We love our pub on Mississippi Ave. and meeting everyone that comes in! Welcome to StormBreaker Brewing, winner of an unknown amount of 4th place finishes at many a beer competition, and a gold here and there.

We will continuously work hard to make StormBreaker a welcoming and comfortable destination for enjoying delicious beers, tasty food, and friendly company. And, as the next phase begins, we look forward to getting to know you over a fresh pint, or maybe over one of our specialty house cocktails!

Hope to see you soon.

Dan & Rob

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All are Welcome!

We don’t care if you’re a runner, walker, or something else. We just care that you’re active! We often have 10 – 15 participants who walk our events!

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The Oregon Brewery Running Series is about inspiring Oregonians to Be Active, Have Fun, and Give Back. We host family-friendly, 5K fun runs that start and end at some of Oregon’s best breweries. Register for our next run here! Our theme music, the Oregon Song, is written and performed by James Hoffman.