Welcome to another installment of the Oregon Brewery Running Series Podcast; Inspiring Oregonians to Be Active, Have Fun, and Give Back. We host family-friendly, 5K fun runs that start and end at some of Oregon’s best breweries.


Today on the podcast, Drew and Nathan share a little welcome for the July VIRTUAL Distance Challenge. In addition to welcoming everyone, we crack some corny dad jokes, share information about how the challenge works (and prizes too!), and also a bit about why these virtual challenges are meaningful to us.


Listen now, and if you’re not already signed up, join us here! You can register at any point during the month. We’re all about pushing ourselves to achieve our running and walking goals.


With the ongoing difficulties that have come to define 2020, we now know more than ever before, that being active and connecting with others is integral to our wellbeing.

This month, we challenge you to set an audacious goal, then work your tail off to reach it! Pick a specific number of miles you want to RUN or WALK, then unlock rewards as you reach certain milestones along the way.

Since April, our 400+ participants have come to appreciate the beauty in all of life’s moments and understand how important it is to be active, have fun, and give back TOGETHER!

We invite you to be part of our virtual community here at ORBRS and experience the beauty of encouraging one another to achieve our running and walking goals.


  1. Register for this event on Eventbrite.
  2. Upgrade to the VIP option to receive the July Oregon Life is Brewtiful t-shirt or tank top!
  3. Log your miles with us on Strava* (it’s Free) to verify your miles. You will enter your goal in this step.
  4. Start running or walking.
  5. Win great prizes!

Once you have registered, we’ll send you a more detailed email with instructions for participation.

*Don’t use Strava yet? No problem! Strava integrates with MANY popular run/walk tracking apps. By using Strava, we can verify your miles and encourage one another as we strive towards our running and walking goals this month.


Help us hit $7,500

As part of the July Challenge, we are again working with the Oregon Food Bank. As you probably know, the COVID-19 pandemic has closed most locations where people experience food insecurity typically rely on for meals (schools, community centers, churches, etc). This has created a big gap in the way kids, seniors, and other at-risk populations find food. To respond to this unprecedented need, the Oregon Food Bank has issued the #EmergeStronger Challenge. This is intended to not only meet the current need but also emerge strong once we go back to “normal” whatever that may look like.

We’re working to raise $7,500 for the Oregon Food Bank and we’re REALLY close! $10 provides 30 meals to someone experiencing food insecurity. The need is more profound now than ever!

See the donate link below.

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Listen now!

Join our Fundraising Campaign!

With the help of the Oregon Food Bank, we’ve created this special giving page to raise funds to go directly to their #EmergeStronger Challenge. Our goal is to raise $5,00-0 through our May and June challenges. If you are able, contribute something to the campaign.

All are Welcome!

We don’t care if you’re a runner, walker, or something else. We just care that you’re active! We often have 10 – 15 participants who walk our events!

About Us

The Oregon Brewery Running Series is about inspiring Oregonians to Be Active, Have Fun, and Give Back. We host family-friendly, 5K fun runs that start and end at some of Oregon’s best breweries. Register for our next run here! Our theme music, the Oregon Song, is written and performed by James Hoffman.