Today is giving Tuesday across Oregon. We’ve been blessed to work with some truly amazing organizations over the past five years. These organizations are working hard to make a big impact on our local community and across the state. We would LOVE to encourage you to donate today if you can to the Oregon Food Bank, Oregon Wild, or Dollar For.

MANY of the organizations listed in the Willamette Week’s Give Guide have one day matching program. Make your hard-earned dollars go further TODAY!

Oregon Wild

Oregon Wild works to protect and restore Oregon’s wildlands, wildlife, and waters as an enduring legacy for future generations.

Spending time in the beautiful PNW wilderness is good for the mind and body. Water comes from these beautiful places, is the number one ingredient in beer (and coffee, and used to grow food, etc.). This, and many other reasons, is why we support the work of Oregon Wild and the Brewshed Alliance.

Thanks to the generous support of Mountain Rose Herbs and two anonymous supporters, any donation you make to Oregon Wild today will be matched twice! So the impact of your gift will be tripled today, helping Oregon Wild be an even stronger advocate for defending Oregon’s eastside forests.


The Oregon Food Bank

More than 860,000 people rely on Oregon Food Bank’s network each year — and in times of crisis, that number grows as many of the support mechanisms they usually rely on are put on hold.

We here at the Oregon Brewery Running Series are helping communities #EmergeStronger by fundraising for Oregon Food Bank, whose dedication to ensuring everyone has access to safe, nutritious food in the wake of COVID-19.

The Oregon Food Bank Network is ready to meet these evolving needs head-on, shifting their food sourcing and distribution to keep as much nutritious food flowing as possible statewide. Join us in supporting this work with a secure online donation to Oregon Food Bank.


Dollar For

Dollar For is a nonprofit organization that advocates for those with overwhelming medical expenses, using every cent of donations we receive to help local families. You can help by donating $1 a month – you read that right, we didn’t forget any zeroes – and each month you’ll get a video highlighting the family your donation is helping. Sign up today — you can’t afford not to.

We have been supporting the work of Dollar For since 2018 and believe strongly in the work they are doing!