A Colorado Brewery Running Series Event

Half Marathon & 5k Fun Run  |  Sunday, June 5, 2022  |  Breckenridge Brewery  |  Littleton, CO

Join us for the Breckenridge Brewery Half Marathon and 5k on Sunday, June 5, 2022. The course starts and ends at this beautiful Colorado brewery. The out and back course along the Mary Carter Greenway trail will offer scenic views of the Front Range while running along the South Platte River. There is also a 5k fun run option.

Below are important event details for this weekend’s Colorado Brewery Running Series running festivities at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton — Saturday packet pick up, and Sunday’s half marathon & 5k courses. Please read thoroughly!

A few important reminders upfront:

  • Masks: Breckenridge does require masks inside at this time, but this could change by the time of our event. Masks are not required outside or on the course.
  • Saturday Packet Pick Up: We encourage you to pick up your race packet on Saturday evening at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton (3:00 – 6:00 PM). You can also pick up Sunday morning starting at 6:30 AM. More details below!
  • Sunday Start Waves: When you registered, you signed up for a specific start time. Please check your ticket confirmation!
  • Allow Extra Time: Please allow enough time to park, get your bib (if not gotten Saturday), drop your bag, use the restroom, etc.
  • Helpful Maps: Below you’ll see a few helpful event maps: (a) parking map, (b) event village map, (c) half marathon & 5k course routes w/ water stations, bathrooms, spectator recommendations, etc. Please review to help you get around at the event!
  • Parking / Access: Breckenridge has a very large parking lot on-site and our goal is to have all participants & spectators park there if at all possible. Overflow parking lots will also be available, located at the Aspen Grove Shopping Center ~1 mile walk away (map below). Please allow extra time to park! And please carpool if possible!
  • Bag Drop: Available for all participants (6:30 AM – 12:30 PM on Sunday). More details below!
  • Finisher Beer: After the run, (for those 21+) you will receive your finisher beer token & get wristbanded at the tent located at the entrance to Breck’s patio. Please have your ID handy AFTER the race!
  • Weather: Seasonal high temps for early June are between 70-80 degrees . Shared water jugs will be available throughout the course as well as at the brewery. Bring your own water bottle if you prefer. Reminder to wear sunscreen/hat/sunglasses as preferred, and hydrate!

LOCATION & PARKING: Both the Saturday afternoon/evening packet pick up and Sunday’s runs are located at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton. Details and parking information are below:

  • Event Location:
    • Breckenridge Brewery (Littleton)
    • 2920 Brewery Ln, Littleton, CO 80120
    • Google Maps link
  • Parking / Access + Map:
    • Breckenridge has a large parking lot and we hope all participants & spectators will be able to park there.
    • For Sunday’s run/race, overflow lots will also be available, located ~1 mile walk away
    • See the parking map below for more info. Please allow extra time to park on Sunday morning!
  • Event Village Map:
    • Below is also a map outlining all of the on-site event locations, amenities, and other helpful-to-know info


COVID EVENT GUIDANCE:  Please see below for details:

  • We’ll have staggered waves for both the half marathon and the 5k:
    • Half marathon: 7:30AM, 7:45AM
    • 5K: 9:00AM, 9:15AM
    • You will select an appointed start window in Eventbrite when you register. Check your ticket confirmation if you are unsure. Please message us if you have any questions
  • Masks: Our mask policy will mirror that of the brewery where our event is being held – details will be updated as we get closer to the event.
  • Water: BRS will provide common water jugs. Please bring your own bottle if preferred!
  • Hand sanitizer will be on site
  • We ask that if you are not feeling well that you please stay home out of an abundance of caution.

SATURDAY, JUNE 4TH (3:00 – 6:00 PM)

  • We encourage you to come to Saturday’s packet pick-up to avoid possible wait times on Sunday morning!
  • Both half marathon and 5k participants are able to pick up their race day items during one of two windows at Breckenridge Brewery:
    • Satuday afternoon/evening, 3:00 – 6:00 PM
    • Sunday morning starting at 6:30 AM — if you pick up Sunday morning, please allow extra time as we’ll have a large number of runners on site!
  • At the pick-up session, you’ll be able to:
    • Get your event bib and t-shirt, check out our merch, and check out the Breckenridge space (pre-run hydration with a Breck beer is up to you!)
    • You’ll just need to tell us your name to pick up
    • You’re able to pick up for other friends/family (just tell us their name)
  • If you pick up Saturday afternoon/evening, no need to check in with us Sunday morning — just listen for your appointed start wave!
  • We will be set up in the front parking lot at Breckenridge Brewery – look for the red tent. Parking is available in Breck’s large on-site lot


    5K STARTS: 9:00AM, 9:15AM


    • Parking: see notes above and attached map
    • If you pick up your bib Saturday afternoon/evening, no need to check in with us Sunday morning — just listen for & follow signage to line up for your appointed start wave, plus take advantage of bag drop!
    • If instead, you’re getting your packet/bib on Sunday morning instead, we’ll be open starting at 6:30 AM. Look for the red tent in Breck’s front parking lot!
    • When you register, you will select an appointed start window. Please message us with any questions.
    • Pre-order an add-on t-shirt? Great! Pick up before or after the event. 
    • Bring your ID, we card everyone! You won’t need your ID until AFTER you finish the run — for those over 21, you’ll get ID’d for your wristband and finisher beer token at the tent at the entrance to the patio. 


    • Bathrooms: These will be available both on-site at Breck (plenty inside their farmhouse restaurant – this will be open early!), along with port-a-potties near the start line. Bathrooms/port-a-potties will be available approx. every 2 miles along the course (see below for map)
    • Bag drop: 6:45 AM – 12:30 PM. This is available for all runners/walkers. See full details below!
    • Water jugs will be available in the starting area
    • Start line announcements will be made throughout the morning to call the next wave to the starting area. Please note the start arch is ~100 yards from the check-in/brewery area
    • Visit with our event partners before and after!


    • Bag drop is available for all half marathon & 5K participants
    • Hours: Available starting at 6:45 AM. Bags must be picked up by 12:30 PM
    • Location: Bag drop will be located in the U-Haul truck in the front parking lot corner, near the Check-In / Registration tent
    • How it works: Head to the Bag Drop truck and you’ll receive a numbered wristband set (2 bands with matching numbers). We’ll put one wristband on your bag, and one on to you (or you are welcome to hold the matching wristband in a safe place). You will need this identifying wristband to pick your bag up once you finish running – so don’t lose it!


      • Course maps and full detailed information (such as water and bathroom locations) are located below!
        • Spectators: If you have friends/family who’d like to watch you run, we have a couple of suggestions with easy access (also on the attached course map)
          • Mile 3.75 / mile 9.35: park at the parking lot at River Run Park – the trail is on the west side of that lot
          • Mile 1.2 / mile 11.9: park at the parking lot at Lucille’s Creole Cafe – the trail is just behind (just to the west) of the cafe.
          • Family/friends are welcome to join us at the brewery as well!


        • You won’t need your ID until AFTER you finish the run — for those 21+, you’ll get ID’d for your wristband and finisher beer token at the tent at the entrance to the patio
        • Bring some $$ for food — Breckenridge has an on-site restaurant that will be serving both on the patio and inside
        • Seating & food/drink service:
          • Outside patio: Open seating outside on the patio. Seating on the patio will be open starting early in the morning, but beer service won’t start until around 9:30 AM (and food service around 10:00 AM)
          • If you want to sit inside the restaurant/taproom, we recommend making a reservation through Breckenridge’s website / Resy. Indoor food & drink service won’t begin until 11:00AM
        • Live music 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM.
        • Beers can go out into the Event Village parking lot (front parking lot where you checked-in) – where all of our partners will be set up. Visit with our event partners!
        • Enjoy beers, music, food, awards, giveaways, and fun!


        All taking place on the main stage on the lawn. 

        • Half marathon awards (no finisher awards for the 5K):
          • Top finishers: 10:30 AM (top 3 finishers for both women & men)
          • Age group awards: 10:40 AM
        • Giveaways/prizes:
          • 12:00 PM
          • All registered participants are eligible – no need to enter your name in a separate drawings bin. Must be present to win.
          • We’ll draw names for prizes from our event partners, Breckenridge, and the Colorado Brewery Running Series; so, make sure to stick around!


        Note: Our events are always rain or shine – if for some reason conditions change and become unsafe to run, we’ll still hang out and drink beer


        • Running routes:
          • Both the half and 5K are out-and-back courses that start & end at the trail right by Breckenridge Brewery (start arch ~100 yards from the brewery parking lot)
          • The runs will take place 100% on trails for which we have an event permit — but please note that the trails do remain open to the general public.
          • Course guidance: we’ll have volunteers directing runners, posted sign guidance, and sidewalk chalk.
          • Plus, small map printouts will be available on-site. Please print the below map if you want a larger version to run with
          • The route will be available the week prior to the event in our Strava Club – link here, details below.
        • Timing:
          • The half marathon course is timed (timing chip attached to your bib)
          • There will be only 1 timing clock — at the start/finish line
          • The 5k course is fun-run style and is not timed.
        • Half marathon on-course water and energy/nutrition:
          • Water stations: 6 water stations total for half marathoners (3 physical stations and you will hit each twice): (1) mile 1.2, (2) mile 3.75, (3) mile 5.45, (4) mile 7.65, (5) mile 9.35, (6) mile 11.9.
          • Water will be available at all 6 stations – both water cups, + bring your own bottle if you like! 
          • SOS electrolyte drink mix packets will be available at 2 stations: (1) mile 5.45, (2) mile 7.65. These will not be pre-mixed, and instead will be self-serve packets you’d need to mix into water cups or your own water bottle.
          • GU energy gel packets (single serve size) will be available for half marathon participants at 2 water stations: (1) mile 3.75, and (2) mile 9.35.
          • You are welcome to bring your own energy/nutrition along, but please dispose of all wrappers in trash cans along the course
        • 5k on-course water:
          • 2 water stations: (1) mile 1.2, (2) mile 1.8
          • No energy gels/electrolyte packets available at water stations along the 5k course – though you are welcome to bring your own! Please dispose of any wrappers in trash cans along the route
        • Bathrooms:
          • Bathrooms on-course are located approximately every 2 miles – a mixture of porta-potties and existing ‘real’ bathrooms (part of the trail/park system)
          • Course bathrooms are identified on the map below: black denotes ‘real’ bricks-and-mortar, blue is port-a-potties
          • Pre/post-run, bathrooms will be available inside at Breckenridge, as well as in the small park/trailhead near where the start arch is located
        • Dogs & strollers:
          • Dogs are strongly discouraged for the half marathon due to heat and distance. Well-behaved dogs are welcome for the 5k, and on Breck’s outdoor patio.
          • Strollers are strongly discouraged for the half marathon due to heat and distance. Strollers are welcome for the 5k
          • If you do have a stroller and/or well-behaved dog on course, please be cognizant of those racing
        • Spectators:
          • Here are a couple of suggestions with easy access (also on the attached map):
            • Mile 1.2 / mile 11.9: park at the parking lot at Lucille’s Creole Cafe – the trail is just behind (just to the west) of the cafe.
            • Mile 3.75 / mile 9.35: park at the parking lot at River Run Park – the trail is on the west side of that lot











        The Half-Marathon and 5k will Start & Finish in the Reynolds Landing Parking lot adjacent to Breckenridge Brewery, with an out and back course along the Mary Carter Greenway Trail (see below for course map). The trail is mostly flat (and scenic!) as it winds north, and then back south along the Platte River. COVID safe aid stations will be available every 2-2.5 miles. Carrying your own water bottle or hydration pack is recommended. You may refill either at our aid stations. Toilets will be available at several locations throughout the course as well as at the start and finish line.


        • Saturday 6/4

          • 3-6pm – Packet Pick Up (Half & 5k)

          Sunday 6/5

          • 6:30 am – Packet Pick Up & Race Day Registration Opens
          • 7:30 am – Half Marathon First Wave Start Time
          • 7:45 am – Final Half Marathon Start Wave
          • 9:00 am – First 5k Start Wave
          • 9:15 am – Final 5k Start Wave
          • 10:00 am – Live Music starts at the brewery
          • 10:30 am – Half Top 3 M/F Awards
          • 10:30 am – Half Age Group Awards
          • 12:00 pm – Finish Line Closes + Giveaways on the main stage
          • 12:30 pm – Live Music ends
          • 1:00 pm – Post party ends (but feel free to stay at the brewery and enjoy more beers and food for as long as you would like)



          Thank You To Our 2021 Partners & SPONSORS

          2022 partners coming soon

          Questions/Inquiries: Interested in volunteering, sponsoring, or just have a general event question – please email Brady – brady@breweryrunningseries.com