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Reconnecting through Yoga and Beer with Mikki Trowbridge (podcast)

Reconnecting through Yoga and Beer with Mikki Trowbridge (podcast)

Today on the podcast we’re talking with the founder of Yoga and Beer, Mikki Trowbridge. Yoga and Beer provide all levels yoga classes in breweries, kind of like what we do with running! In my conversation with Mikki, we’re going to cover a lot of stuff. We’ll talk about what you can expect from a Yoga and Beer class, and how you can have that experience with us before our run at Migration Brewing on July 21. We’ll also talk about the benefits of Yoga for the mind and body. In addition to Yoga and Beer, Mikki manages the yoga program for the Oregon State Hospital, which is the psychiatric hospital. So, part of our conversation centers around how Yoga is used in fun social settings, as therapy, and everything in between.

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The Passion, Collaboration, and Amazing Experience of Brewvana Brewery Tours (podcast)

The Passion, Collaboration, and Amazing Experience of Brewvana Brewery Tours (podcast)

Today on the podcast we’re talking with Ashley Rose Salvitti, owner, founder and craft beer lover at Brewvana Brewery Tours. In this episode, Ashley and I will unpack the three words she uses to describe Brewvana (passion, collaboration, amazing-experience). We’ll also talk about how Brewvana is trying to go beyond simple brewery tours to spreading craft beer awareness and appreciation globally through educational and fun beer tasting experiences. Ashley shares some insider tips from her years working with so many great brewery partners here in Oregon. We’re partnering with Brewvana for our August 18 run in Astoria at Fort George! Register here for this one of a kind VIP brewery tour and 5k fun run experience!

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Brewing with a Farmer’s Mentality at Ordnance Brewing (podcast)

In this episode of the Oregon Brewery Running Series Podcast, we’ll learn about Craig Coleman and Ordnance Brewing. We’ll talk about how Craig balances his full-time responsibilities of both farming and running a brewery, how he got into the business, and a few beer tasting suggestions. If you’re not familiar with their beer, you’ll have to join us when we run at their Wilsonville taproom on August 4, 2018. I’ll share some promo codes in the show, so you and a friend can join us for a 5k fun run/walk that ends at Ordnance brewing. Listen now!

Our Summer Running Series Preview

It’s officially summer, and we think the best time of the year to join us for an Oregon Brewery Running Series 5K fun run! We’ve already had a Beer Quest and Summer Cider Run, but if you missed those, don’t worry; we have five more runs this summer. In today’s post, we’re giving a VERY quick preview of each of them, along with some unique promo codes good through the fourth of July, 2018. Check it out and run with us this summer!

Humble, Respectful, Celebratory Beer with DJ Moxley from Grixsen Brewing (podast)

Today on the podcast, our guest is D.J. Moxley, the brewmaster and one of the owners at Grixsen Brewing. Grixsen Brewing is located at 10th and Division in Southeast Portland, and we’ll be running there on July 28, 2018. In this episode, we chat about DJ’s journey to becoming a brewer shortly after high school, and how he has turned his hobby into a thriving business. We’ll unpack the three words he uses to describe Grixsen (humble, respectful, celebratory), and discuss what makes them unique in their approach to creating great beer. He also tells me a few ways Grixsen likes to give back to the community. Listen to the WHOLE episode because we share two promo codes somewhere in the middle for discounts to the Grixsen run. Listen now!

Run all Summer with these Race Recommendations from Run Oregon

Today on the podcast, I sit down with Matt Rasmussen from the Run Oregon Blog to discuss other races you can run this summer to help you stay moving all summer long. As you know, we’re about helping people get active. Of course, we want you to show up and do that at our events, but we also want to introduce you to some of the other amazing races in Oregon this summer. Take a listen, then take advantage of one of these great races!

Creating a Better Giving Experience with Dollar For Portland Founder, Jared Walker (podcast)

Today on the podcast, Nathan sits down for a chat with one of our non-profit partners, Jared Walker, the founder of Dollar For Portland. Dollar For Portland is a nonprofit that helps local families pay overwhelming medical expenses. In this episode, you’ll get to learn about all the excellent work they are doing, as well as how to get involved, and other ways to connect, so listen now!

Highlights from the 2018 Oregon Brewshed Alliance Brewfest (podcast)

This episode of the podcast was recorded live at the 3rd Annual Oregon Brewshed Alliance Brewfest on May 16th, 2018. We had a table at the event where everyone was there to celebrate “Oregon craft brews and the forest watersheds that make them possible!” Hosted by Brewshed® Partner McMenamins Kennedy School, over 30 local Oregon breweries and other businesses poured great brews and donated great raffle prizes for this great cause. We talked to several of the brewery reps, Marielle Cowden, (who heads the Alliance), as well as some volunteers and other partners. It’s a quirky little episode, but we think it will give you a fun sense for the event.

Why You Should Run the Inaugural Rose City Mile (podcast)

In this episode, I’m talking with Shasta Zielke, one of the founders of the Rose City Track Club. Learn about the club, and also the inaugural Rose City Mile, which is a one-mile race happening on June 30, 2018, at the Dunniway track in Southwest Portland. We also share a few training tips, so listen now!

Become a Stronger Runner with Tandem Personal Training (podcast)

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with Scott Brown from Tandem Personal Training, about the convenient and affordable way they can connect you with local personal trainer to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Scott is a product manager with Tandem and has 15 years coaching athletes, non-athletes, and everyone in between. Since 2014, he has been focused on helping anyone on a health or fitness journey through the development of digital fitness, performance, and health training tools. Ever since he stepped away from being a full-time trainer, Scott has been working with companies that are passionate about making training approachable and achievable for everyone, which makes Tandem an excellent fit for him.

Fun! Relaxing! Beer! Jerry Fechter, Lompoc Brewing (podcast)

Today on the podcast, I sit down and chat with Jerry Fechter, the owner and head keg washer at Lompoc Brewing (his words, not mine). Jerry’s hilarious! I’ve gotten to know him a tiny bit since 2017 when they hosted a 5k fun run with us. This year, 2018, they will be hosting another one of our runs at their fifth quadrant, or 5q, location in North Portland on April 28. If you’d like to join us, use promo code Lompoc5, and save $5.