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Doing Good for People and Planet: Christian Ettinger, Hopworks (Podcast)

On this episode of the Oregon Brewery Running Series Podcast, Nathan sat down with the founder, co-owner, and brewmaster of Hopworks Urban Brewery, Christian Ettinger. Hopworks, based in Portland, Oregon, is all about creating world-class beer and food that doesn’t have to come at the expense of maximizing profit over sustainability. Hopworks believes in using business practices that improve the environment and inspire the community. Click below to listen to this inspiring episode of our podcast!

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Strength Training for Runners with Tips from Amy Brown (Podcast)

Running takes a toll on the body, and runners are notorious for not taking care of the inevitable aches and pains that come from training. Too often, we push ourselves too far or ignore lingering pain until it’s too late. On this episode of the Oregon Brewery Running Series Podcast, we’re talking about injury prevention and strength training with Amy Brown from Athena Rehab. Amy and I talk about how she helps runners prevent injury, and also shares four simple exercises ALL of us can, and SHOULD, be doing at home to stay injury free and running stronger.

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How to Run in the Dark without Getting Killed

With dark mornings and evenings nearly here, it seemed like a good time for the following running safety reminders. These incredibly simple tips will ensure you can see where you’re running and, most importantly, allow others to see you. They are so easy, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t follow them!

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Welcome to Oktoberfest in Oregon!

Did you know it’s time for Oktoberfest?! Oktoberfest 2017 runs from September 16 through October 3. Below is a brief history of the famous German beer festival, a few places around Oregon where you can celebrate, and four promo codes to our fall, 2017, 5k fun runs. Keep reading to get a discount on beer run fun!

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We Launched a Podcast!

The Oregon Brewery Running Series is proud to announce the launch of our NEW Podcast! Subscribe via your favorite podcast player (iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play) and keep reading to learn what you can expect!

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How to Experience the Joy of a 5K Fun Run

We understand that showing up to a “race” with a bunch of strangers can be a little intimidating to those who haven’t participated before. There is always a bit of mystery surrounding any new adventure, so we’d like to remove some of that so you can fully experience the joy of a 5k fun run!

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