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Meet the Team


CO FOUNDER Whether she’s coordinating the start line or lining up at the bar, Morgan loves bringing the worlds of beer and running together! As Chief Marketing Officer and Happiness Ambassador, her #1 role is to make sure everyone has FUN.


CO FOUNDER Part runner and part beer lover, Nate loves the hype at the startline of events and loves the beer at the end even more!


EVENTS & MARKETING – MN Kadyn officially joined the BRS team in 2016, after experiencing the fun while interning for one of our 2015 non-profit partners. She spends most of her time attending massage school and working at a local brewery. Kadyn tends to spend way too much free-time with her puppy, Rooney, who will be attending more runs in 2018! Some hobbies of hers include, running, attending local concerts, collecting vinyl records, and exploring the Minnesota craft beer scene!


Operations Manager & Non-Profit Director – MN Came for the beer, and stayed for the running! Jack embodies have fun, be active, give back.  As our Non-Profit Director, he accelerates our engagement with local community charities.  You’ll find him with a beer in his hand and/or a skateboard under his feet.


CHIEF WILD CARD – MN More likely to be seen driving the 5k than running in it, every week Mark looks forward to keeping up his near-perfect record for course management. He joined the party in 2015 and has been active, having fun and giving back ever since. Even when we’re not running for beer, Mark and his enthusiasm for local breweries work year-round to give back and Craft your Community one pint at a time. Outside of (or sometimes with) beer, he enjoys camping, ’80s movies, and long walks on the beach.


CO FOUNDER of OR BRS  A novice at so many things, soccer, basketball, baseball, stand up paddle boarding, camping…you get the picture.  One thing I am not a novice at is the Pacific Northwest, we love living in the Portland area and exploring all there is to offer especially the breweries that saturate our great area.


CO FOUNDER of OR BRS Nathan started running when he was 14. 20+ years later, he’s still going. When he’s not running, he enjoys exploring the city with his son, finding new restaurants with his wife, traveling, or backpacking. He loves dark beer, dark chocolate and dark coffee.


EVENTS & MARKETING – CO Jenna loves to travel to places she’s never been, laugh at terrible jokes, eat delicious food, and hike up mountains, but one of her all-time favorite things is to drink a good beer after a good run with good people. So let’s do that!!


EVENTS & MARKETING – CO Anni can be found riding her bike around town, reading at the parks or getting lost in the mountains and enjoys having a beer on the patio after a good run.


EVENTS & MARKETING – CO  Brady joined the team in the spring of 2017, after spending all of 2016 traveling the world.  He has visited 80 countries, all 50 states, and all seven continents, and can definitively say that Colorado has the best craft beer scene in the world!  If he is not traveling, you can find Brady out enjoying all of the outdoor activities that the Rockies have to offer… usually with a cold beer in his hand!


EVENTS & MARKETING – CO Sarah has a passion for dancing, climbing, traveling, and most importantly, beer. She may be a novice at running, but her love for community and Denver local brews keeps her going.


FOUNDER of WI BRS Running, socializing, beer, and Wisconsin, just a few things Christina enjoys. With great enthusiasm and excitement to bring all of these things together for the people of Wisconsin, Christina joined the team in the fall of 2016. Christina is usually found running, cooking, attending sporting events or hanging out with friends and family.


EVENTS & MARKETING – IL Rob loves beer and loves running, though he runs more to breweries than for exercise.  He joined in april of 2016, mostly for the free swag but has since been taken in by the fun and energy of the events.  He is excited about all the cool events coming to Chicago.


EVENTS & MARKETING – IL Serena is an avid runner and beer enthusiast in Chicago. She started with a 5K and has run a couple of half marathons in Chicago. She also has attempted home brewing, but generally feels she’ll leave the beer-making to the experts.


EVENTS STAFF – IL Always looking for ways to combine being active with drinking good beer, Reece has been involved with Brewery Running Series since the summer of 2016. He also likes cooking, hiking, and coffee.


FOUNDER of WA BRS  If I describe myself it would be a social connector. I love connecting and empowering people to strengthen our communities. I am active by running, swimming, hiking and playing with my daughter. When I travel I love getting lost with the locals. I have been in over 20 countries. I speak 4 languages and if I have a wish, it would be to speak all the languages of the world. Born and raised in Peru, went to college in Miami and I call Seattle home. Enjoying beer is a given!


OPERATIONS MANAGER – WA  A Seattle native, Alison brings a love of beer, community events, mountains, and exercise to the summer series.  She started with the Brewery Running Series in 2017 and some of her favorite activities include weight lifting, horse back riding, skiing and rowing


FOUNDER of TX BRS  As a full time beer lover and part time runner, Gabbi is passionate about having fun! She joined the team in 2016 with a mission to bring the excitement of beer runs to the great people of Austin, Texas.


BRAND AMBASSADOR Running and beer enthusiast, Carly came aboard in January of 2016 as Brand Ambassador. She loves getting outdoors, exploring new breweries, and getting involved in the community.


BRAND AMBASSADOR More energy than he knows what to do with, Seth sprinted onto the team Fall of 2014 and is website and technology lead, as well as director for multiple events this season!


BRAND AMBASSADOR I love my husband, my dog, MN lakes, dark chocolate, and any outdoor adventure- I am in! I am an outdoor enthusiast who thinks the indoors are lame. I am also passionate about running races/events, they’re just so fun!


BRAND AMBASSADOR  When she’s not summiting mountains, backpacking the national parks, or traveling for work/pleasure, you’ll find Olivia running at Lake of the Isles or baking cookies. She considers running her real “happy hour”,  but will never turn down a good craft beer and conversation.